Customize the Mechanical Performance

It would be a shame to join a race with a substandard quality performance of your vehicle. Customize and enhance its mechanical performance to enjoy the ride. Have an overall inspection on the car, to assure and provide safety check for any concurring problems. After the assessment, install the minor enhancements to suit your desire and needs. The commonly installed enhancements are the blow-off valves for turbocharged engines, the cold air intake systems, bolt-on exhausts, and short-throw shifters. Maximize the car’s performance by modifying its engine and chassis, these are the two enhancement you can focus on. The modification of the chassis includes the body, as to which it can affect the car’s road translation and speed meanwhile, the modification of the engine can produce more power.  The chassis and body modification includes the suspension tuning and weight reduction. Weight reduction has been the simplest performance modification that anyone can perform to their vehicles, this has a significant impact on the suspension. On the other hand, the engine tuning, increase engine power and torque increase the amount of air for the combustion chamber.



Drive with Comfort and Safety

The suspension is the shock absorber or dampeners, it carries the body and transmits the forces. Drive with comfort, safety and with style by tuning the car’s suspension. The suspension holds the driving dynamics, the cornering and accelerating speed depends on the suspension tune. Modifying and tuning the suspension has a profound effect on the car handling, and can increase the engine power since the suspension controls the arms, the wheels, and tires and the steering system of the vehicle. For any race car, the quick and easy performance boost is the chemical compound of Nitrous Oxide, it boosts power when injected to the internal combustion engine.  Although it is a chemical compound, it is not combustible, and it is in liquid form when it is under pressure thus it is safe to use. When released into the combustion chamber, the pressure is removed and the release of oxygen from the nitrous oxide turns to burn more fuel. It is relatively safe and cheap compared to other engine modifications. There are three types of Nitrous Oxide: the Dry System, the Wet System, and the Direct Port System.