World Class Motorsports and the WCM Ultralite

The WCM Ultralite S2K and XR7 are the best performing standard equipped production "SuperSeven" on the market.

Using the Honda S2000 drive train with over 240 horsepower and the close ratio 6 speed, makes for not only the fastest but also the most dependable.

A roomier cockpit allows for larger drivers, with full-size racing seats and full-size pedal assembly. Our low cost is possible because WCM manufacturers most of its own parts in Texas, meaning no overseas shipping cost nor import duties. The net result is an extremely lightweight aerodynamic Seven version, with a sophisticated high performance chassis, that dollar-for-dollar will outperform every production vehicle on the road.

If you want more detailed information on the set-up of these cars or if you have questions about your choice of options please contact us.


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